About Us

Whisper Research LLC is in independent research firm, we publish our insights on publicly traded companies.

In our consistent pursuit of an edge, we review countless public filings, interview management teams, and talk with industry experts to form our opinions. We are direction agnostic and go long and short.

We love:
– Growing but overlooked small and microcap companies with honest management
– Constructive long-term shareholder activism
– Standing up against shareholder abuse

We hate:
– Dilutive Financing
– Pump&Dump schemes praying on retail investors
– Entrenched management teams that abuse the company for their personal benefits

As of the publication date of our articles, we and our affiliates may have long or short positions in the companies covered. You should assume that we are biased in our views, due your own due diligence, and check our sources.

– Whisper Reports